Saturday, December 19, 2009

Porting an HTMLTemplate in to Kentico

Back in March I published a post entitled 'My Kentico Design Workflow". I did this just to show an example of one designer's workflow with Kentico and the thinking behind it. I have decided to go into a little more detail on this, and actually show how some of the features in Kentico work in a design workflow. I also decided that screencasts would be the best way of doing this.
So I have started a series of screencasts that go over porting an HTML design into Kentico CMS. So far I have three of these screencasts done. I recorded these using Tech Smith's  program Jing. I uploaded them to I like their format better than YouTube or Google Video. You can also find these on YouTube.

Part One of the series covers taking a complete HTML design with page code and CSS and creating a Master template while preparing for creation of page templates, navigation ,web part containers and transformations.

Part Two covers preparing the CSS and placing it in Kentico and getting it assigned to your site.

Part Three covers creating the page layout for the inner page templates and adding pages to the site using the layout.

There are three so far and I will have more coming soon. For now I am keeping them brief, under five minutes. I would love to hear what everyone thinks of these as this is a new sort of endeavor for me.

If you like these, stay tuned  - there will be more.....


Anonymous said...

this is great, i would like to see next how you implement jquery sliders, and have custom menus. Thanks. much appreicated.

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